Services we Offer:


Security Best Practices checks:

Unsure if your mail domain (and your reputation) is as protected as it could be?  Our Security Best Practices checks will show you where the gaps are, and what it takes to correct them, before the bad guys take advantage!


Dedicated Consulting:

Need expertise with deploying new email security tools?  Recovering from a breach/malware attack? Contact us today for dedicated expert resources to help design/build/run your next secure mail project.  We provide sanity checks along the way, in the form of timely reporting and data analysis, to keep your critical deployment on track, and leadership in the loop.


Mail-Centric Technical Interviews:

Not sure if your candidate has the skills to do the job?  MTA Security LLC provides technical interviews to potential candidates so you are assured that the skillset matches the resume.  Reasonably priced, these interviews are geared to focus on the body of knowledge needed to perform the job description, from general helpdesk to expert mail administrator roles.  Contact us today for more information!